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Whether you're a business owner or an individual looking to keep your finances in check, the team at Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC is ready to tackle all of your accounting needs. From basic bookkeeping to complex balance sheets, we're here to handle your finances with integrity and accuracy.


Keeping track of your finances takes time, effort, and patience. Why struggle through all that number-crunching when our team can do it for you? Our comprehensive accounting services include:

Keeping track of financial transactions such as purchases, sales, and  payments takes a fair amount of time, energy, and patience. As a  business owner or manager, you probably have a lot of other things on  your plate. So don't struggle to keep up with all that number-crunching  and paperwork. Our bookkeeping services are designed to make your life  easier so that you can focus on what you do best.

At Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC, we're dedicated to client satisfaction; and we're ready to use our knowledge and skills to make your life easier while best serving your financial needs. So, whether you need help managing your receivables or require assistance with filing your taxes, we're up to the challenge. For more information about our accounting services or to schedule a consultation, call us today.


Looking for a way to streamline your payroll and reporting processes? Let us help. Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC proudly provides expert, hassle-free payroll services for companies of all sizes. Our team removes the burden of tedious payroll tasks from your staff and ensures that even the smallest of details are attended to. From setup to reporting, we handle every aspect of this important job so you're free to do what you do best: run your business effectively.


At Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC, we're committed to quality and client satisfaction. Our professional services are designed to provide you with reliable, cost-effective solutions to your company's payroll challenges. Additionally, our dedication to your company's success means you can count on us for error-free paychecks and reports. Don't waste your valuable time on cumbersome payroll tasks. Call us today for a consultation and learn more about how our payroll services can benefit you.

Financial Statement review

Your company’s financial statement plays a critical role in your relationships with banks, investors, vendors, and customers. And an inaccurate or incomplete financial statement could mean the difference between your company’s success or failure. At Chatters, Metzger & Co., PLLC, we offer thorough, professional financial statement review services for clients in Coeur d'Alene, ID.


The team at Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC prides itself on its expertise and exceptional service. Our financial statement review service is just one way in which we can help you minimize your financial risk and maintain positive relationships with the entities you rely on for success. We’ll take the time to ensure that we thoroughly understand your business model, your operating procedures, and your financial situation to perform a careful analysis of every aspect of your financial statement. To minimize risk and provide assurance to creditors, investors, suppliers, and customers, call Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC today to schedule your consultation.

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