Trust Services

Trusts can prepare for life’s incredible celebrations and most challenging moments. No matter what or who you’re preparing for, the team at Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC is ready to ensure your wishes are fulfilled for your wealth and assets.

Trusts are a great investment for ensuring your interests are covered after you’ve passed away. We recognize every situation is one of a kind. Our custodial trust services will help you understand the full scope of the trust you are setting up or have set up. Whether you are passing along wealth to future heirs or a beloved charity, our team will help you assess your agreement and make the best decision.

Our team prioritizes your wishes presented in the trust document, incorporating them in the client account level policies for management and transfer of wealth. As custodians and guardians of your wealth, we can help facilitate the arrangement, management, transfer, and registration of your trust and estate. Our tight-knit local team of professionals provides a compassionate and thorough level of service to ensure your estate is protected and transferred how you wish.

At Chatters, Metzger & Co PLLC, we offer convenient appointments Monday-Friday and competitive rates. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and see what we can do for you.

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